About us

As professional brokers, we belong to the

AFCA : Member 29723
Australian Financial Complaints Authority


We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service. If at any time we have not met our obligations – or you have a complaint about any of our services – please inform us so we can work towards a resolution. We will endeavour to deal with your complaint promptly, thoroughly and fairly
If we have a complaint, we request you follow these steps:

  1. In the first instance, please contact the ratesonline.com.au Pty Ltd Complaints Manager on 1800 466 050.
  2. We may ask for additional information and request you to put your complaint in writing to ensure your issue is properly investigated.
  3. In cases where your complaint will take longer to resolve, we will update you progressively.

Third party Products or Services

If your complaint relates to a product or service acquired through a third party (for example, a lender) we may ask you to contract the relevant third party. They will deal with your complaint under their complaints resolution process.
If you are not satisfied with the resolution of your complaint by the third party under their complaints resolution process, you are entitled to have your dispute considered by their External Dispute Resolution Scheme. Please contact the third party for further details.

Keeping you Informed

Our Complaints Manager will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within five business days. If unable to resolve the complaint/dispute to your satisfaction within five business days, they will write to you advising the procedures we will follow in investigating and handling your complaint.
Within 45 calendar days from the date you lodged the complaint with us, we will write to you advising you the outcome of the investigation and the reason/s for our decision, or if required, we will inform you more time is needed to complete the investigation.